Age of Worms

The Plot Thickens
Keep OUT!

Having looted the sarcophagus, the companions return to town in order to rest and fix up their “hide-out.” After hiring the necessary people the companions are happy to find out that in roughly 3 weeks it will be renovated completely! No more dirty inns for them!

The companions then return to Filge’s observatory in order to collect him for the investigation into the mine they agreed to. Upon arriving at his doorstep however, the companions soon all have furrowed brows as their knocking goes un-answered. Entering the observatory the companions are further annoyed to find that the entire place appears to have been cleaned out and Filge nowhere to be found. Clearly the coward skipped town. The companions decide that they still need to talk to Smenk though and so head back out the door and make their way toward the “fancy” inn where Smenk is known to be at. They don’t make it more than five steps though when they are accosted by a messenger. It would seem as though the wizard Allustan would like to speak with them. It is well known that Allustan is perhaps the smartest man in Diamond Lake, and brother to the mayor himself. Seeing nothing to lose by this interview the companions change their course and follow the messenger instead.

Arriving at the rather well-to-do house the companions are shown into the sitting room by the butler. Thok of course has the owlbear, Hemi, in tow and has to immediately begin reprimanding the animal as it happily begins to tear at the fanciest rug in the room. Thankfully the companions don’t have to wait long before Allustan himself enters the room.

“A juvenile owlbear! How fascinating!”


Relief floods Thok’s face as the wizard devotes more attention to the young animal than the actual mess it has made. The wizard is further fascinated by the worm in the jar that Thok insisted on carting around, and after examining it briefly invites the companions to follow him further into the house. They enter what appears to be a room of both research and experimentation. Allustan quickly seats himself at the desk and places the specimen next to another one of almost exactness.

“Your specimen seems similar to this one. A farmer brought this to me after finding it in one of his deceased cows. He of course had no idea of its importance. Something of this nature generally intrigues me, but this, this I find concerning.” The companions can’t help but raise their eyebrows at this statement, a statement that is further intriguing when Allustan adds, “I’m afraid this may be a grave threat to Diamond Lake.”

Allustan looks up at the companions at this, seeming to examine each of them in turn before stating, “You look like a dependable bunch, would you mind investigating this further? I have a few leads here that will get you set on the right track.” Without waiting for an answer quite yet however, Allustan looks to a dark corner and talks as though to someone else. “Have Milo bring something for our guests.” The companions look to one another thinking they must have stumbled upon some crazy old kook. The air seems to move strangely however, and Thallis suddenly blurts out “Unseen Servant!” Allustan simply gives him a knowing smile before continuing on.


“I feel that the worms are somehow connected to an ancient temple rumored to be hidden beneath the earth. I believe this temple to be within one of the copper mines, specifically the one owned and operated by Ragnolin Dourstone. He is, unfortunately, a rather surly, greedy, and paranoid fellow so gaining entrance may not be the easiest. Perhaps a little…reconnassance is in order…” And with that the companions agree to journey forth, with Thok staking the mine entrance out for the night to observe the guard situation.

Thok in the end doesn’t find too much worth while at the mine entrance, aside from the fact that the entrance is surrounded by a wooden palisade. The companions decide to come up with a sort distraction plan. Tanrug sneaks up to the far side of the palisade and casts the “Spark” spell, which quickly fans into a full blown fire. Soon there is chaos as the guards and miners alike rush over to either watch or try to put the flames out. Seeing the perfect chance, Thok manages to sneak up and open the gate behind the guards’ backs. Thallis is able to silently join her, but Ariadne and Tanrug apparently can’t help but stomp up to the gate. Thankfully though, Ariadne is able to knock the guards out quietly and the companions are able to enter the mine itself. A bottle of booze and a torch is left with the unconscious guards.


Soon after entering the mine the companions come to a padlocked door with the sign “Keep Out!” on it. Clearly this is the door they want. As Tanrug starts to remove the hinges from the door, four miners approach the companions and ask what they’re up to. Thok is able to bluff them that they’re part of the “exploration crew” and that since there’s a fire outside they have to let themselves in. Surprisingly the miners accept this easily…as well as a gold piece tossed by Thok as the companions enter the room, replacing the door behind them. Before them is the elevator, Thok, Thallis, and Tanrug all hop in and ride it down with Ariadne climbing down the chain itself after them. Reaching the bottom the companions find a couple guards! Battle ensues! After the guards are dealt with the companions remove some of their armor to further investigate. As it turns out, the guards’ arms are covered in tattoos, their faces distorted into having fiendish aspects. They also carry a symbol upon themselves, that of a fist holding arrows which represents Hextor, the lawful evil god of war and tyranny. Looking at one another and thinking that perhaps they are into something bigger than they initially thought, the companions continue deeper into the mine.


The next door is locked, but luckily the companions had scavenged the key from the guards. Thallis places the key in the lock and then uses his super magical powers to open the door from a distance. The room before them contains dozens of suits of armor upon bleached bones, all in seeming position to march forth. Entering the room the companions are a little surprised to find the skeletons suddenly marching toward them! Battle of course ensues! Almost as soon as the skeletons are defeated more guards and cultists appear in the room and more killing ensues! As the last of the guards runs away down the hallway, yelling something about “release the beast!” The companions can once again merely look at one another and prepare for this new assailant. Not long did they have to wait however before a horse-sized boar comes charging into the room, its tusks capped with iron. With unrelenting speed however, the companions manage to defeat this foe as well before hurrying on in a vain attempt to stealthily continue exploring the area.


Soon they enter a larger room with a statue in the middle and a cultist sulking about near it. Charging the cultist and subsequently killing him, the companions soon discover they are not alone…not even close. Five humanoids appear on the balcony overhead, along with two seemingly zombie-type creatures. One of the humanoids is a lean man with white hair and a missing eye, wearing armor with the symbol of Hextor emblazoned upon it. Clearly this man is the leader! A long and bloody battle ensues, one in which the companions are eventually victorious! Seriously…no one died this time!


Filge and the Air Shaft
I Suck at Taking Notes

Having entered the tower where the mysterious character Filge resides the companions immediately search and loot just about every room they happen to come across, taking note of several items to definitely remove on their way out. Eventually they come to a door that seemingly does not open with Thallis’ “Open Door” spell; Ariadne attempts to forcibly open the door, but in the end simply kicks it open with her immense orcish strength!

The room appears to be an office of some kind, although seemingly not used in quite some time. Returning to another door that they had not yet opened the companions olfactories pick up a horrible stench of rotting things. Obviously they should open this door immediately! Upon entering the room they are disgusted to see that several corpses are seated around a dining room table, seemingly set up for an evening of eating and conversing. Thokmay notices one of the corpses move slightly and begins to gesture wildly to everyone else to silently get their attention. Thallis casts “Disrupt Dead” while everyone else prepares to bottle-neck the undeaders…but nothing seems to happen. Grabbing some food for Hemi (owlbear name change from previous logs…maybe it now more resembles an owlmarmot…). the companions proceed up the stairs toward the area they can only assume Filge is currently located in.


Entering the first chamber they find a large bedchamber with a strange form standing rigid upon a stool (we suck and never investigated it further). Thallis however, finds a spellbook and Tanrug finds several magic scrolls and some vials containing “Necro-turgens” as well as a note to Filge discussing the fact that he needed to come to Diamond Lake. Tanrug also notices that the strange figure on the stool is holding a platter with a head upon it with a coin in it’s mouth. Feeling that the obvious next logical step is to remove the coin, he does so, and the head screams “INTRUDERS!!” not once, not twice, but three times, before falling silent. Merely looking at one another the companions can only shrug and continue on, their presence now very much known to FIlge. Entering the final chamber the companions are horrified to see that Filge participates in some kind of horrible experimentation upon dead people and actually has reanimated corpses to do his bidding. Obviously a fight ensues, one in which Thokmay is again knocked unconscious and Tanrug and Thallis manage to pin up Filge while Ariadne fends off the minions.


Filge is eventually questioned and taken on as a member of the group when they decide to explore a part of the mines that Filge is interested in (I think I got this right, but I have no idea because I literally wrote like 3 paragraphs for this maybe). One of the skeletons doing Filge’s bidding is however the missing family member of the desecrated grave-sites. Giving Filge back his spellbook (for some reason), the companions leave to return the skeleton to its rightful place and to finish exploring the Whispering Cairn. This time the closed metal door at the end of the cairn is open! Entering the next room the companions find themselves in a sort of circular room with a wind shaft in the middle. Exploring the edges and finding nothing, Thokmay moves to the center and suddenly two guards made of air appear and begin attacking! Luckily the companions actually fight using their wits and no one is knocked unconscious or nearly killed. With little else remaining to do the companions step into the wind shaft and are blown upwards (after having studied the murals depicted on the walls). It is this room that the final mural is depicted, along with a sarcophagus that the companions search.



1: Depicts ideallic landscape with monstrous creatures that are a cross between wolves and spiders attacking.
2: Depicts a towering figure wearing the glyph of Icosiol standing over lesser wind dukes. The central warrior bears the glyph of Zosiol. Each figure bears the glyph of a distinct wind duke.
3: A group of seven proud, noble wind dukes present a staff like rod which splits into seven parts.
4: Final battle between law and chaos. The wind duke Qadej impales Miska, the wolf spider.
5 (upstairs with Zosiol’s tomb): Depicts bald androgenous warrior wielding a mighty longsword. He is facing a demonic figure with long curved horns tipped in the darkest red. The horned figure holds device seemingly to control a globe of absolute blackness. The globe touches the warrior and he fades from sight. A slim diadem upon his brow bears an elaborate glyph matching the one on the sarcophagus.


Diadem of Wisdom (Thok) +2 Wisdom
Demon Horns (50g each)
Box containing wand used to control the globe

Slow Learners
"My Poor Broken Body"

The mighty spell-casters Tanrug and Thallis managed to defeat the enraged owlbear that had ravaged both Thokmay and Ariadne. Soon after the creature falls though, they hear the whimpering of a baby owlbear from under the stairs! Thokmay drags her wounded body over to the poor animal and attempts (successfully) to comfort it. While Thokmay is cuddling with the owlbear however, Tanrug finds severed arm bearing a tattoo that symbolizes employment by a greedy mine owner. It is at this point that the baby owlbear begins to gnaw on Tanrug’s leg and Thokmay takes on responsibility of training the young animal. The companions then head back to town for some much needed rest, baby owlbear in tow.


During the next couple of days Thokmay attempts to train the owlbear and Thallis investigates where the bloody trail from the house may have gone. Thokmay suggests that they go ask the sheriff in town and the group sets off in that direction. Upon entering the building they find but one person inside, a Deputy Jamus. They ask about the tattoo and find out that the mine is owned by a Smenk; the deputy proves unhelpful though when questioned about missing persons and so the companions leave to search for the sheriff, a known alcoholic.

Eventually the companions walk into the seedy tavern known as the “Feral Dog,” a place that Thallis had earlier found parts of human bodies and dead dogs behind. Mingling amongst the patrons the sheriff is nowhere to be found; Thallis does however find someone they all recognize: the woman from the group of adventurers that had passed them on the road that first day.


Joining her at her table Ariadne challenges her to a game of dagger throwing, which she handily wins! She introduces herself as Tiarra and immediately begins flirting with Tanrug. Thallis moves on to talking to a group telling horror stories. Just then the door to the tavern thumps open and a large albino orc steps in followed by his three human cronies. The orc pulls one man aside and begins talking to him harshly before sending the man flying across the room with a backhand. Its fairly obvious by the tavern’s reaction that this is an individual to stay away from, Ariadne however approaches him anyway. She asks him if he works in Smenk’s mine, but after looking her up and down he simply tells her to “go away.” Tanrug then sidles up to the orc and attempts to intimidate him, which only results in the orc, Kullen, laughing at him.


Thallis decides to try to talk to the man who was backhanded, but the man is too frightened to say much of importance about Kullen. Meanwhile, Tanrug continues to speak to Kullen, going so far as to say that he knows what they did back at the house with the owlbears. This finally gets a somewhat positive reaction from Kullen as the orc jumps up and demands to know what else Filge told him before insisting they go outside to talk. Tanrug hesitantly agrees to go outside with Kullen and they all walk out the door with Thokmay and Ariadne sneaking out into the shadows behind them. An embarrisingly horrible alley fight then takes place leaving Tanrug, Thokmay, and Ariadne broken and unconscious and being taken away to the jail. Thallis comes outside and tries to persuade the deputy to release his friends, but is told he’ll have to come back in the morning to do so.


Returning the next morning Thallis is swindled out of 40g for bail and the companions return to their inn to rest up…again. The companions now decide that its Filge they should be looking for and so return to the “Feral Dog,” in daylight this time. The barkeep doesn’t know a Filge, but does know that Kullen has enemies, they are just too scared to act upon the orc. Tanrug tries in vain to question the baby owlbear Cruzi, but only receives baby owlbear jibberish. The companions leave “Feral Dog” and go eat at a different seedy tavern and parse through their information. Halfway through their meal they see Kullen and his gang walk by, Thokmay takes it upon herself to shadow them around for the night. Thokmay manages to follow them unseen through the entire night, following them to their respective homes even before returning to her companions. During this time the others ask around where Smenk might be found and are told perhaps the “Emporium,” a rich man’s tavern. Heading there the companions are soon disappointed when they do not find Smenk there and are told that even if he was there he would not be pointed out to them.

The next morning the companions are awoken by loud shouting below their window. Peering out they see Kullen below bellowing about “Tell me where they are! I need to talk to them right now!” and a guard turning him away from the inn. Leaving the inn, Thokmay guides them to Kullen’s house where they brazenly knock on his door. Kullen opens the door and immediately punches Thokmay in the face, the companions rush him and soon render him unconscious and tied to a chair. The companions loot his simple shack quickly before smacking Kullen awake and questioning him. Turns out that Filge hired Kullen and his gang to dig up the bones of the dead outside the farmhouse. Kullen doesn’t know who Filge is though, only where he resides…the observatory. Everyone but Thallis wants to kill Kullen so they leave Thallis to untie him. Kullen tells him that if he brings him Filge’s eyes he’ll call them even.

Outside the observatory Tanrug detects magic on the other side of the door, but the door itself is locked. Ariadne breaks down the door, but is met by three skeletons wielding crossbows! The companions make quick work of the skeletons however, with Ariadne sending the last one’s head flying into a corner. Thokmay then notices however that the skeletons all have deformities associated with the Red Plague. Feeling that these skeletons were at least some of the individuals they were looking for they collect the bones and head further into the observatory in search of Filge…

More Pieces of the Puzzle
Beetle Swarm Nightmare

Our squishy adventurers continue to be squishy in this most recent chapter of their adventure! Requiring yet another trip to town in order to rest as well as the mighty, yet frail, wizard Thallis managing to allow himself to court death.

During their most recent visit back to Diamond Lake, the adventurers found themselves stuck in a traffic jam of sorts outside the town’s gates. A wagon had broken an axle, leaving the crowds of people to mill about waiting for the mess to get cleaned up. During this time another group of adventurers pushed their way through the crowd, demanding that room be made for them to get through. They claimed to be returning from exploring the Stirge Cairn and notably wore red leather armor. Once the group finally managed to gain entrance to Diamond Lake, Thokmay had the joy of meeting and dealing with the town’s jeweller, Tidwoad, a rather cantankerous gnome who repeatedly informed the young monk that she was going to drive him out of business with the prices she was asking for the gems sold. The gnome’s laments were enough to make Thokmay nearly laugh out loud in front of the jeweller, but knowing that she would have to do future business with the little man she managed to keep it to herself.


Feeling once more prepared to journey forth the companions once again enter the Whispering Cairn. After making no further progress with moving the sarcophagus to the red or violet halls, the companions decide to try their spelunking skills by venturing down the acid pitted green hall hole. Thallis, the ever enthusiastic, but albeit frail, wizard immediately jumps forward to be the first down with the others climbing down after him. Looking around the room they are now in Thallis notices that there are reliefs carved into the walls resembling the androginous figure present on the sarcophagus. In addition to this Thallis finds a glyph and with the help of Tanrug the two are able to deduce that the glyph resembles that of one seen earlier in the cairn representing the element air.

Further exploration of the area reveals stairs leading down into water, and two adjacent corridors leading in opposite directions. Picking the left one, the companions move down it as quietly as possible, Thallis still in the lead. The room the companions are now faced with contains a large amount of some unknown orange sludge…as well as a swarm of acid beetles and a bombadier beetle! Through much suffering and with Thallis the ever fearless courting death by the end the companions are forced to return once more to Diamond Lake in order to rest up….returning to the Whispering Cairn two days later to further explore.


Returning immediately to the room with the orange sludge Tanrug quickly sets spark to the beetle nest while Thokmay points out three oblong shapes covered in the sludge. Digging through the sludge Ariadne discovers that its actually the skeletal remains of three humanoids, each wearing red leather armor with a six-pointed star upon the breast. She also manages to find a few healing potions and a rather magical pearl along with a ring which Ariadne decides to wear. Having successfully removed all items of value from the corpses the companions head to the corridor and room, instantly feeling fatigued upon entering. They are not alone however, a bombadier beetle is also within the room, stumbling back and forth about the room. Making quick work of the beetle the companions investigate the large red clay statue at the opposite end. Nothing can really be discovered about the statue however, although there is a corpse to one side with an eerily collapsed skull. Deciding that there isn’t much for it, the companions decide to descend into the water and explore further.

Entering the water and beginning to swim, the companions are almost immediately met with a swirling vortex with a faint shape within it. Thallis manages to eventually dissolve the creature though, leaving the companions free to explore the chamber it was blocking. Everyone is quickly elated to find that the corpse within the room is carrying a red lantern! As well as a rather nice looking sword which is also looted. Quickly swimming to the other underwater chamber the companions are met with what appears to be an undead monster, but are once again able to destroy and loot! Fearful of running out of air though the companions then return to the main chamber to try out the new lantern.


Placing the red lantern in its appropriate location and turning the sarcophagus the companions are initially disappointed with the lack of anything happening. Remembering however that the large stone face had had seemingly red eyes though the companions climb up and are deciding how exactly to not set off the trap once more when Thallis simply runs down the hall. The companions all wince in unison as the loud click is once again heard, but are then surprised when nothing happens! Thallis then excitedly waves everyone to the mouth of the face, revealing a doorway to another chamber, this once resembling some sort of hive….wanting to make sure that they have gathered all necessary information though, the companions return to the main chamber once again. Ariadne is once more peer pressured into lifting the sarcophagus lid, which once more erupts into flames. Thokmay then suggests that perhaps they should return to the yellow hallway and work at moving the large stone again.

Eventually the companions are able to muster enough strength between all of them to move the large rock, which was actually holding down a pressure plate. As soon as the pressure plate clicks up the area is filled with a noxious green gas, which thankfully quickly dissipates, revealing a hallway before them. Proceeding down the hallway the companions are soon met with a most hideous monster, seemingly two eyeballs held together with striated muscle. Thokmay is incredibly disgusted and thankful when the abomination is destroyed.


Safely entering the room now, the companions find patches of strange brown mold, the closer one gets to said mold the colder one becomes. Deciding it best to avoid the mold at all costs the companions explore as well as they can. They soon find a massive stone block with a taunt chain leading to the ceiling and the floor beneath it cracked. Thokmay immediately deduces that this must have been some sort of trap, clearly already sprung. The brown mold is once again present throughout the area and the companions move to explore an adjacent room. Nothing can be found in the room however aside from the statue and the glyph from before again. Thokmay eventually finds a button in the first room and pushes it, causing the stone pillar to be pulled back up to the ceiling, revealing the sadly smashed body of some poor individual. Searching through the remains the companions manage to find quite a nice pile of loot, including new armor for Ariadne as well as some curious stone statues of a spire, palace, and stadium. Deeming all explored now, the companions return once more to the main chamber, next is the disconcerting “hive” chamber…


Into the Darkness
Leaving Diamond Lake

After being absent from the town of Diamond Lake, some for quite a number of years, four childhood friends find themselves reunited. Each searching for an answer, or perhaps a future, which may very well be all connected. For one of the companions, Thallus, his hope of having assistance in his own personal quest shines bright at the arrival of his old friends. Sending word to each of them he quickly gathers them up and reveals the information he has managed to gather.


With the four companions gathered, Tanrug the gnome sorcerer, Ariadne the orc fighter, Thallis the half-elven wizard, and Thokmay the human monk, it is decided to not spend another minute in the dirty and rather unsafe city of Diamond Lake. Remembering the old abandoned miner’s office in the Cairn Hills where they used to spend their childhood days scampering about, the four set out for there, sure that within the surrounding hills they would find an entrance into one of the cairns. Whether they would find more danger than answers or treasure was yet to be discovered.

Much to the companions dismay however, their fondly remembered hide-out was now a very much rundown and rotting building. Good news in regards to not many people coming through, bad news in regards to supplying them with a place to stay. Shrugging it off for the time being however, the group explores the terrain around the building, eventually finding what appears to be an entrance into the cairns hidden by weeds and other earth debris. Deciding there’s no time like the present the companions decide to enter the tunnel and find themselves stepping into an ancient and unknown world of the dead (well…its presumed there’s most likely dead things in there…it is a cairn after all.).

Thokmay immediately notices what appear to be the tracks of several wolves criss-crossing the dusty floor before them (alright, apparently not everything in here is dead…). Warning her friends about this, the group cautiously continues deeper into the cairn. Before too long, Tanrug notices what seems to be a queer flickering green light coming from the north. Advancing further the companions soon find shards of glass that are cold to the touch next to some carved runes in the stone. After closer inspection Thallis believes that the runes are reminiscent of air, perhaps the signature of a particular person.

Deciding to continue north, the companions soon find themselves in a larger chamber with the mysterious green light stronger and the dank smell of animal spore heavy in the air. The mystery of the animal spore is soon revealed however as the companions are suddenly attacked by three rather angry wolves! During the ensuing battle Thallis is laid out flat by what appears to be the Omega wolf (how embarrassing), and Ariadne manages to cleave two of the assailants clean in two!

Once the dust, err…charred animal hair, has cleared Thokmay discovers a small tunnel where the wolves seemed to have emerged from. Tanrug quickly volunteers to take his small gnome body through the tunnel in order to discover what exactly is on the other side. Lots of dead things it appears. Piles of bones litter the cave like area, searching through some however, Tanrug soon finds a backpack containing what appears to be a lantern with indigo glass panels. Deciding to bring it along Tanrug returns to the others and the group sets to task exploring the rest of the chamber, as well as experimenting with the lantern…which it turns out just seems to light the room with indigo light when a torch is placed within it.


Deciding there’s nothing else for it, but to continue walking toward the source of the green light, the companions turn to walk further north and are stopped by a thick wall of cobwebs. Nearly giggling to himself in glee, Tanrug casts “Spark” and watches as the cobwebs burst into flame, revealing an ancient stone staircase. Shrugging to one another the companions see little else to do besides proceeding up the staircase. The companions now find themselves in a room containing several different hallways leading to different colored lanterns (the red lantern appears to be missing as well as the indigo). In addition to this there is a large white stone sarcophagus in the center of the room with a long shaft protruding from the bottom. Upon the sarcophagus is the image of an androgenous individual with a scarab beetle carved upon the surface as well. Upon closer inspection the carving appears to have had a single finger broken off…curious…


The companions explore all the hallways searching for clues, they also find the source of the green light, a green lantern lit with an everburning torch. Its not until they explore the hallway with the blue lantern however though that they notice something interesting. Above their heads is a chain large enough to climb with what appears to be a hole in the ceiling. Deeming it appropriate to proceed with climbing it all four ascend the chain with Ariadne in the lead. Before them is a dark hallway with a large, ancient stone face at the end. The face is massive, and rather unpleasant. Stepping forward Ariadne is alarmed to hear the faint “click” of a pressure plate most assuredly being pressured upon. Within moments a gust of air is hurtling out of the stone mouth, the eyes blinking a furious pattern of violet and red lights. The companions valiantly attempt to get closer to the face, but the wind is simply too strong, its all Thokmay could do to reach out and grab onto Tanrug as the small gnome body went spinning past her. Deciding it best to fully retreat down the chain, the companions manage to do just that.

Remembering that the lights coming from the face were red and violet the friends decide to light the violet lantern to see what transpires. Within seconds its obvious that the wind has stopped. Thokmay volunteers to climb up the chain again and assess the situation, thinking that she is surely nimble enough to avoid any pressure plates. She manages to make it all the way to in front of the stone face before hearing the dooming click once more, this time however, along with the wind, the eyes remain a burning red color. Retreating once more to her friends Thokmay relays this information. Puzzling over this new information and unsure what next to do, Ariadne decides to go attempt to lift the lid of the sarcophagus. Almost immediately red hot flames shoot up out of the sarcophagus, burning Ariadne and causing her to drop the lid, extinguishing the roaring column of flame. One valuable piece of information was discovered though, with enough effort the whole sarcophagus can be moved by pushing on the shaft!

With that now being their next plan of action the companions put their backs and stubby arms into it and begin to turn the sarcophagus to one of the colored lantern hallways, starting with yellow. A great rumbling can be felt below the floor as a small cylindrical chamber appears below the lantern. Tanrug volunteers to enter the chamber and slowly descends out of sight, the elevator returns, but with no Tanrug. Extremely concerned Ariadne jumps into the cylinder and descends after Tanrug, yelling at him to jump in upon seeing his curious little gnome person inspecting the surrounding walls. It is soon realized that the small button at the bottom level will cause the elevator to descend, so there is no need to worry over being trapped below ground. Realizing that they are rather banged up and tired the group decides to return to their newly refound hide-out and rest. A rest that Thokmay quickly realizes must take place back in Diamond Lake while she and Tanrug set to straightening up the hide-out. Five days later the companions are ready to return to the cairn, with grand plans of fixing up the hide-out even more once they receive some grand treasure from this exploration.


Returning to the yellow hallway and descending the companions find the underground hallway to be carved with figures very similar to the one on the sarcophagus. In addition to this a very large stone appears to be blocking admittance to the rest of the hallway. No matter how hard they push though they cannot move it, nor can they squeeze through. Giving it up for now the companions return to the chamber above once more, this time turning the sarcophagus to the green lit hallway. Once again there is loud rumbling from underground, walking toward the green hallway the companions all stop and back up slightly, feeling that ground is perhaps unstable. Suddenly there is now a large hole below the lantern, as the companions peer over the edge however, the skittering of thousands of beetles can be heard. Backing up quickly the friends are rewarded with a geyser of beetles erupting from the hole followed by a rather grotesque eyeball with legs.


Eventually they manage to lay waste to all the foes and return once more to the pit. It is very clear that the acid from the beetles has pitted and scarred the stone walls and that there is a floor only sixty feet below them. Unsure as to explore the shaft more though the companions continue to move the sarcophagus, first to the blue hallway where nothing happens, and then to the indigo causes another elevator to rise. Tanrug approaches the elevator and notices that there are several crushed bones within it, surely not a very good sign. Ariadne ignores the potential warning however, to rummage through the remains, finding little. Thokmay also ignores the warning and rummages through as well, managing to find a small amount of treasure…as well as the elevator doors closing on her and the ceiling attempting to crush her. After losing consciousness the friends manage to pull her from the elevator, Thallis reviving her with a quick slap to the face. It is smartly decided to rest up once more before further exploring.

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