Half-Elf Wizard


Saving Throw against wizard spells: 10 + spell level + caster’s intelligence modifier.
Mine is now 10 + spell level + 4 = 14 + spell level.


Thallis is a necromancer. He experienced unexpected deaths in his family and among friends. He uses this school of magic to study possible prevention, manipulation, and pathology of death, instead of accepting it. He hopes to convince the world view that it’s not the magic itself that is evil, but the wizard’s intentions, using the magic. He wants to end the propaganda surrounding necromancy and wants to prove its positive properties.

He resides in Diamond Lake to find brave enough adventurers to protect him while on quests to discover necromancy’s magical properties. He realizes that his magic is not enough to fight monsters yet, and needs a few others to defend him while he casts spells. His main goal is to unlock the secrets of defying or prolonging death, while ridding the world of vexing stigmata attached to practicing necromancers. He believes that necromancy should be recognized as a respectable school of magic amongst the wizard community.


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