Age of Worms

"Wizards are Not Made for Climbing!"

Z-Axis Dimension

In this adventure the companions debated much, and mostly with Thokmay just being downright confused the whole night, about the z-axis dimension and how it can be used. These things were also done:

  • Thallis falls off a cliff-like wall everyone manages to climb down just fine. Thokmay catches him once, but eventually the clumsy wizard falls completely to the ground.
  • The companions are attacked by Chokurs and an incredibly large Grimlock while attempting to scale debris. Obviously all are slaughtered.
  • Thokmay eventually gives up on the debris pile and scrambles up a different ledge, throwing down a rope for everyone else to climb up (the wizard does this successfully thankfully).
  • Traveling down the new found tunnel the companions come across a swaying rope bridge and more grimlocks, complete with a bigger badder grimlock. Again, all are slaughtered successfully!



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