Age of Worms

Within the Roots of the Mangaru

A Dwarf's Beard Should Never Be Wet!

After the companions barely got away with not being lunch they heal up briefly and decide its probably best to just press on. Slogging through the swamp Beldor’s beard gets wet! The humanity! Or perhaps…dwarfity! The terrain gets a little drier and the companions are now forced to climb over rocks and endure ravenous swarms of biting insects before finally stumbling upon a useful camping spot. This time though, instead of statues of spiders, there’s evidence of actual live, large spiders, including bones. Setting a watch rotation the companions try their best to get as much rest as they can, but before too long Thallis is ambushed and bit by a spider! Sounding the alarm the companions jump up and do battle, but not before Thallis becomes paralyzed from the bite (not long lasting thankfully). The moment that Thallis becomes unparalyzed the spellcaster stands up, proudly proclaims that he is not afraid of spider, and promptly kicks a spider corpse into the water.

The next day Ornith manages to pick the trail back up and the companions soon find themselves on mostly dry ground complete with huge root systems of Mangaru trees. On the hilltop ahead however, Ornith notices two humanoid shapes walking a circuit of the root system, pointing this out to Torlin, the drow immediately sneaks up the hill to observe. Sure enough, the humanoids are lizardmen, and appear to guarding something, a total of four individuals circuiting the roots. Returning to the others it is quickly decided that Torlin, Ornith, and Thallis will sneak up and try to immediately kill one and take the other captive. Unfortunately the duo is too strong for their own good and instantly kill the first two, causing them to have to quickly drag the bodies to the side and try again. This next time they manage to tackle one and drag it back to the others for questioning.

“Hate Soft Skins.” Is the mostly the only helpful bit of information the companions manage to get, even after Torlin interrogates and promises to set free. Having convinced the others that the lizardman will be set free, Torlin decides to merely knock the creature out and leave it instead of slitting its throat like he had truly wanted.

Deciding to venture up to the roots and find a way in the companions are soon rewarded with finding an entrance and a tunnel. Proceeding in, Beldor casts light on both his beard and on Ariadne’s…errr…sword. There are multiple prints in the soft ground, but Ornith is unable to make out anything useful. Eventually they enter a room and find a clay pot with symbols depicting “eggs.” Deciding it best to not linger they continue on, stumbling into a room containing several formerly relaxing lizardmen…fight! Having killed the lizardmen the companions continue exploring and find themselves in a seemingly garbage room…from which soon rises a monster! After receiving tremendous damage both Ornith and Torlin want to run away, but can’t leave their friends behind. Against seemingly impossible odds the companions do triumph, finding little but medicinal mushrooms as a reward for their pains.


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