Age of Worms

Within the Den of the Ebon Triad

Weak Wizards!

The companions find themselves within the den of the Ebon Triad in an attempt to find information on the Age of Worms!

*Much exploring through putrid smells before having to stop to rest for the weak wizards.

  • Attacked by grimlocks, with one big nasty one whose eyes are stitched with fake ones.

*Return to cathedral area and proceed up stairs: blood stains, scratches from metal equipment, and ashes. Basket of offerings present; companions take offerings and throw empty basket into black pool…nothing happens. Throw offerings in too…still nothing…

*Proceed to north passage with symbol of hand holding eye (symbol of Vekna). Door is magically sealed, deemed time to return and confer with Allistan.

*Take elevator up and hear miners working ahead, decide to wait and exit with the current shift of miners. When the bell is rung attempt to exit, but some miners entering recognize companions from earlier and ask what happened. Companions bluff way out of awkward conversation luckily. Miner with missing finger however suggests that it may be better to get out of mine hidden in a cart covered with dirt…don’t forget the dirt!

*Miners meet back up with companions outside mine and help to uncover everyone. The companions are still in the mine palisade however, and the miners are no longer sure how to get them out. Pass out more gold to miners, especially Gimbrin, and the companions sneak along the wall with the wizards ready to start casting distractions. After “Ghost Sounds” cast companions make it out the gate successfully!

*Having returned to town Thok (aka Ornith) immediately checks on owlbear…but the owlbear is missing! Distraught Ornith tells the inkeep how incredibly disappointed with the establishment she is and forces the poor man to promise to look into the break-in. Meanwhile, Ornith and Thallis search around outside the window for any signs. Finding nothing the companions retire for the evening, set on heading to Allistan at first light.

*Allistan immediately begins to study the scrolls and books brought back, the strange script appears to be some sort of code, but Allistan needs the code key. The scrolls from the grimlock appear to be a mess written by a madman going on about a swarm of worms growing powerful in a pool of blackness in dark cathedral. Allistan delves into research, but promises to keep an eye out for any sign of the owlbear.

*Returning to the inn the wizards study spellbooks and scrolls while Ornith and Ariadne begin the search for the lost owlbear, starting with the tavern where the albino orc hangs out. As the two approach the tavern they notice a stranger eyeing them and starting to walk toward them.
“My master wishes to speak to you about your missing friend. Gather your other companions.”
The two return with everyone in tow and follow the man to a sodden old mansion…Balabar Smenk’s place…

*The balding, fat, and poorly clothed Balabar waves the companions into the room and gestures for all to be seated. Tanrug (aka Beldor) immediately starts out hostile, with Ornith holding him back. Balabar strikes a bargain with the companions that if they enter the Dourstone Mine and put a stop to the activities within he will return the treasured owlbear…little does he know the companions have already been there.

*Thallis shakes Balabar’s hand and the companions head out to return to the mine…



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