Age of Worms

To Save an Owlbear!

Inn Name: The Smelly Drow

With the elevator having been destroyed during the battle (for which I had no notes…), Agent Raptor saves the day by throwing down a rope to the companions! As the companions walk out of the mine, surrounding people begin gawking at the blood and gore covering them. Guards, intimidated by the sight, drop their weapons and run.

The companions proceed to the mining office to look for the owner (Ragnolin Dourstone). Sifting through scattered notes, Ornith notices that once upon a time the man seemed to run a tight ship, but as the mention of the Ebon Triad enters his notes things begin to get messier. The companions then decide to search for Ragnolin at his manor.

Ariadne unceremoniously kicks the front door in of the unkempt manor.

“Ragnolin! Where are you?!” Ariadne yells into the manor. Shortly after she hears muttering behind a door and kicks it in, only to find a haggard looking dwarf slumped in a chair. Beldor shakes the dwarf, but get no response so slaps him. With surprising strength Ragnolin pushes Beldor back and attacks him! The companions manage to wrestle Ragnolin back in to the chair and tie him there as they explore the rest of the manor.


Thallis eventually finds a trap door, opening it a foul stench wafts from the room. Beldor casts light and shines it into the room, illuminating the huddled form of a scrawny Drow. Ornith pushes the others to approach the smelly drow and ask for information. The drow introduces himself as “Torlin.” The drow appears much happier having located some stolen dagger within the manor and all decide to take crazy Ragnolin into town to Allustan.


Reaching Allustan’s home, the wizard begins muttering some incantations and comes to the conclusion that its not a spell, Ragnolin’s mind is simply gone. Ornith pushes for the companions to take both Ragnolin and the evidence found to the authorities for a trial. As the companions make their way through town Torlin attempts to blend in with the crowds so as not to be noticed. Having surrendered Ragnolin and the evidence the companions then head to Balabar’s.

The owlbear is finally returned to it’s loving owner after much talking and promising to destroy anything with Balabar’s name on it (instead the companions decide to hide it away at the hideout house).

As the companions head through town they run into the same trio of adventurers from earlier, who after having no luck in the cairn they were exploring are now heading back to Free City. Wish goodluck!

Beldor, Thallis, and Torlin all leave to hide the documents, but notice a figure watching them and then slinking away. Torlin decides to follow and observe him…rather unsneakily and has to pretend to be urinating on wall to observe stranger. Continuing to follow the stranger Torlin stumbles into trash bins and has to pretend to be drunk now. Torlin eventually decides that the stranger is actually the doorman for the inn…


CreslinDM farmchica22

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