Age of Worms

On the Road

Grand New Adventure!

Whilst maxin’ and relaxin’ in town Allustan’s butler, Wong, comes to inform the companions that Allustan wishes an audience. Following the butler the companions are led around the house to a wonderful garden area. Allustan is bent before them tenderly caring for the various plants surrounding him. Seeing the companions he straightens and motions for the companions to seat themselves upon various stumps present. Informs them that he has finished studying the artifacts, and that he very much desires to explore the ruins on his own. Thallis hastily explains the dangers present however. Allustan then requests that the companions escort him to Blackwall Keep so that he may meet up with a friend who has encountered these worms.


Agreeing to escort Allustan, the companions immediately set out to purchase horses and supplies. In the process they come across Gimbrin sitting dejectedly upon a barrel; he appears to be sad that he can’t make any money while the mine is closed for the investigation. Ornith immediately convinces Gimbrin that he can be hired on with the companions as a “Professional Owlbear Handler.” Yahoo!

Having procured all needed horses and a wagon the companions leave the stables, only to be met with roughly twenty mounted individuals riding toward them. The sigil on the tabards appears to be that of the Free City Militia. The leader reins up in front of the companions, markedly nodding to Ornith, and thanks for the work at the mine. The group is simply patrolling the area though and heads out. The rest of the day is spent in preparations including teaching Gimbrin how to handle the owlbear, to which Thallis laughs uproariously.

The next morning the companions find Allustan outside the inn mounted on a fine steed, everyone mounts up and prepares to depart…until Gimbrin jumps up, shouts that he has forgotten something, and disappears into a nearby building. Looking at each other in confusion the companions decide to wait and see what happens. Moments later a masked man emerges and formally introduces himself as “Agent Raptor” and that Gimbrin has taken ill and can no longer join them. Agent Raptor then leaps into the driver’s seat of the wagon and the companions can only smile and shrug as they set off.


As the companions travel Ornith and Allustan have a fine time discussing the passing flora and fauna when suddenly Thallis announces that he hears voices speaking up ahead. Beldor stops to listen and recognizes it as dwarvish! Overcome with excitement he immediately rides up to meet the other travelers. The companions spend time eating and joking with the group of hill dwarves before parting ways and beginning their travel once again (this would mark the second time where the group is confused as to which direction they are actually traveling…)

Allustan turns the companions south and they approach the first rest stop, an abandoned house. Calling out, no one answers so the companions proceed forward and into the house. Agent Raptor prepares the best meal the companions have ever eaten and the companions settle down for some conversation before retiring for the night. During this time Torlin notices Agent Raptor studying him unabashedly and copying his every move.

“Looks like somebody has a crush.” Ariadne says as she elbows Torlin. The drow ignores the comment, and moves over to Raptor to chat (new protege!).

The companions retire for the night only to be woken up by the intrusion and attack of a bunch of orcs! Obviously the companions slaughtered them all though!

Until next time!


CreslinDM farmchica22

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