Age of Worms

Many moons ago...

Cultists, Grimlocks, and Krenshar, Oh My!

In short, the companions continue to explore the underground mine area that supposedly houses the cultists. During this evening the following occurs:

  • A room full of porcine feces is found, Thokmay digs through feces, but finds nothing of value and instead flings a handful at Thallis, hitting him squarely on the cloak (talk about your brown poop stains…).
  • Many images of a 6-armed figure, both in carvings and on crates found. Statue of Hextor (fist holding arrow) also found (evil deity), Thokmay smashes it against wall busting it all up.
  • More Hextor notes and images in bedchamber, as well as a stone altar in the next room. Also find symbol of Arithrival (red blood drop).
  • Mysterious pool of very cold feeling liquid, Thallis takes a sample.
  • Attacked by grimlocks and a krenshar which is an ugly beastie whose skin pulled nastily away from his face as he screamed at the companions. Obviously they were soon all dead.



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