Age of Worms

Filge and the Air Shaft

I Suck at Taking Notes

Having entered the tower where the mysterious character Filge resides the companions immediately search and loot just about every room they happen to come across, taking note of several items to definitely remove on their way out. Eventually they come to a door that seemingly does not open with Thallis’ “Open Door” spell; Ariadne attempts to forcibly open the door, but in the end simply kicks it open with her immense orcish strength!

The room appears to be an office of some kind, although seemingly not used in quite some time. Returning to another door that they had not yet opened the companions olfactories pick up a horrible stench of rotting things. Obviously they should open this door immediately! Upon entering the room they are disgusted to see that several corpses are seated around a dining room table, seemingly set up for an evening of eating and conversing. Thokmay notices one of the corpses move slightly and begins to gesture wildly to everyone else to silently get their attention. Thallis casts “Disrupt Dead” while everyone else prepares to bottle-neck the undeaders…but nothing seems to happen. Grabbing some food for Hemi (owlbear name change from previous logs…maybe it now more resembles an owlmarmot…). the companions proceed up the stairs toward the area they can only assume Filge is currently located in.


Entering the first chamber they find a large bedchamber with a strange form standing rigid upon a stool (we suck and never investigated it further). Thallis however, finds a spellbook and Tanrug finds several magic scrolls and some vials containing “Necro-turgens” as well as a note to Filge discussing the fact that he needed to come to Diamond Lake. Tanrug also notices that the strange figure on the stool is holding a platter with a head upon it with a coin in it’s mouth. Feeling that the obvious next logical step is to remove the coin, he does so, and the head screams “INTRUDERS!!” not once, not twice, but three times, before falling silent. Merely looking at one another the companions can only shrug and continue on, their presence now very much known to FIlge. Entering the final chamber the companions are horrified to see that Filge participates in some kind of horrible experimentation upon dead people and actually has reanimated corpses to do his bidding. Obviously a fight ensues, one in which Thokmay is again knocked unconscious and Tanrug and Thallis manage to pin up Filge while Ariadne fends off the minions.


Filge is eventually questioned and taken on as a member of the group when they decide to explore a part of the mines that Filge is interested in (I think I got this right, but I have no idea because I literally wrote like 3 paragraphs for this maybe). One of the skeletons doing Filge’s bidding is however the missing family member of the desecrated grave-sites. Giving Filge back his spellbook (for some reason), the companions leave to return the skeleton to its rightful place and to finish exploring the Whispering Cairn. This time the closed metal door at the end of the cairn is open! Entering the next room the companions find themselves in a sort of circular room with a wind shaft in the middle. Exploring the edges and finding nothing, Thokmay moves to the center and suddenly two guards made of air appear and begin attacking! Luckily the companions actually fight using their wits and no one is knocked unconscious or nearly killed. With little else remaining to do the companions step into the wind shaft and are blown upwards (after having studied the murals depicted on the walls). It is this room that the final mural is depicted, along with a sarcophagus that the companions search.



1: Depicts ideallic landscape with monstrous creatures that are a cross between wolves and spiders attacking.
2: Depicts a towering figure wearing the glyph of Icosiol standing over lesser wind dukes. The central warrior bears the glyph of Zosiol. Each figure bears the glyph of a distinct wind duke.
3: A group of seven proud, noble wind dukes present a staff like rod which splits into seven parts.
4: Final battle between law and chaos. The wind duke Qadej impales Miska, the wolf spider.
5 (upstairs with Zosiol’s tomb): Depicts bald androgenous warrior wielding a mighty longsword. He is facing a demonic figure with long curved horns tipped in the darkest red. The horned figure holds device seemingly to control a globe of absolute blackness. The globe touches the warrior and he fades from sight. A slim diadem upon his brow bears an elaborate glyph matching the one on the sarcophagus.


Diadem of Wisdom (Thok) +2 Wisdom
Demon Horns (50g each)
Box containing wand used to control the globe


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