Age of Worms

Enter Agent Raptor!

Short and Sweet

The companions smartly decide to shop a little before returning to the mine’s depths. While Ornith is out gathering supplies however a mysterious figure sidles up to her, thinking it to be Gimbrin she goes to clap him happily on the shoulder, only to be stopped as the mysterious figure says:
“Please! Call me Agent Raptor!”

Unsure how else to act Ornith simply nods and listens as Agent Raptor explains that he has a way to get back into the mines. Returning to her companions Ornith relays this genius plan (don’t ask me, I didn’t write it down).

Please note, this was as close to a published image that Agent Raptor would allow that we could get

The next morning the companions are met by Gimbrin who brings them several miner uniforms for them to wear into the mine. Told to act nonchalant and casual, Gimbrin however does a poor job of this. During their entrance a guard calls out to Ariadne, all the companions nearly freeze.
“Hey sweetstuff! How ‘bout you come service me when you’re done servicing the mine!”

The companions further watch in horror as Ariadne walks up the guard, picks him up by the shoulders and effortlessly tosses him to the side. Sure that they will be gathered up and executed the companions are relieved that the other guards simply laugh at the offender.

Finally entering the mine the companions go once more down the elevator to the dark cathedral, leaving the borrowed uniforms in a corner. Proceeding to the locked door, Ariadne utters the password that Allustan was able to decipher. Proceeding cautiously the companions are soon ambushed by birdmen…who just keep coming. Eventually all are slaughtered and the companions are left to wander and try to solve the labyrinth they have found themselves in.

Many hours later the companions get to a room housing bear-sized predators…dire weasels! Obviously they kill them all.

And for some reason that’s all I have written down, but the companions defeated the mine!


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